The new standard in treating hair loss

Innovative hair loss treatments

◦ FDA-approved treatment options available
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*Results vary between users and can take between 3 and 6 months

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The new standard for treating hair loss

Innovative delivery system

By targeting hair follicles and reducing systemic absorption of medications, SiloxysSystem Gel promotes healthy hair growth while lowering the risk of having side effects. Technology available exclusively through the XYON e-health platform.

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You can put your trust in XYON. Founded by industry leaders in hair restoration and drug development. With over 30 years of combined experience, our team brings unrivaled expertise and knowledge to the forefront of hair loss treatment. We strive to continuously provide innovative health solutions tailored to your individual needs.

Expert clinical consultation and compounding

Unlock a range of FDA approved hair loss treatments and personalized compounded medications through the XYON e-health platform. All of our formulations meet stringent quality and safety standards. We want to offer you the most comprehensive approach to addressing your unique hair loss concerns, ensuring optimal results tailored to your specific needs.

Comparison of hair loss treatment delivery systems

SiloxysSystem™ Gel vs. Generic Delivery Systems

Not all topical formulations are created equal. Discover the benefits of SiloxysSystem Gel compared to other generic delivery systems for hair loss treatment.

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Our prescription hair loss treatments

Let's take a closer look at our line-up

Here is a quick comparison of topical finasteride, topical dutasteride and oral finasteride hair loss treatments. When choosing the best option to address your hair loss concerns, it's important to consider differences in application methods, localized effects and potential side effects.

Topical Finasteride - XYONHealth
Topical Finasteride ℞ Sale price$297.00
Topical Dutasteride - XYONHealth
Topical Dutasteride ℞ Sale price$387.00
Oral Finasteride | 1mg - XYONHealth
Oral Finasteride ℞ Sale price$165.00
Application method

Applied on scalp

Applied on scalp

Taken orally

Mechanism of action

Inhibits DHT locally

Inhibits DHT locally

Inhibits DHT systemically

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Our hair loss shampoo and conditioner

Part of an effective regimen for combating hair loss in men. Our dermatologist-crafted formula blends powerful natural ingredients, including clover flower and saw palmetto extracts, to effectively target DHT, the hormone responsible for male pattern baldness.

The shampoo The conditioner

Mens hair loss

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Choosing the right solution for your hair loss

Is hair loss treatment right for me?

Hair loss prevention

If male pattern baldness runs in the family, be proactive and get ahead of it. Treatment is more effective when started early. Don't wait for your genetics to catch up.

Thinning at the crown

As DHT begins to affect hair follicles, the active growth phase of the hair growth cycle becomes shorter, leading to possible bald spots. Without treatment, hair loss is likely to worsen over time.

Receding hairline

You may notice your forehead becoming more noticeable as hair loss starts to affect the hairline. It's due to a combination of genetics and aging. However, it may be preventable with prescription hair loss solutions.

Thinning all over

As we age, hair falls out and is not replaced by new hair follicles. Prescription treatment can prevent future hair loss and to a certain extent, reactivate these follicles, leading to hair regrowth.

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Frequently asked questions about hair loss and hair regrowth treatments

Learn about the various types of hair loss including male pattern hair loss, female pattern hair loss, alopecia areata and hair loss caused by certain medical conditions.

We're here to help you gain more insight into the characteristics, potential causes and treatment options for each type of hair loss and make informed decisions about managing and addressing your specific hair loss concerns.

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The new standard in treating hair loss

FDA-approved treatment options available

Regrow your hair in as little as 3 months*

Patented technology designed to reduce risk of side effects

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*Results vary between users and can take between 3 and 6 months